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Residential Lease Form Center

The Residential Lease Form Center is available for CAA members with fewer than 50 units.  It contains a standard Colorado Residential Lease as well as 30-Day and 10-Day Demand for Rent forms.  

To utilize these forms, you must be a Member in good standing with 50 or fewer units, and agree to terms of use by "purchasing" a free subscription here (no credit card necessary).  Once completed you'll be able to access the Form Center.

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NAA Click & Lease

Members with more than 50 units are encouraged to utilize NAA's Click & Lease Program

Access to online forms at reasonable prices - including leases, security deposits, legal notices and more through NAA's Click & Lease software.

Information on NAA Click & Lease

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  • CO Additional Special Provisions
  • CO Affordable Housing Addendum
  • CO Animal Addendum
  • CO Apartment Lease
  • CO Asbestos Addendum
  • CO Attorney Acknowledgement
  • CO Bed Bug Addendum
  • CO Boulder Required Lease Provisions
  • CO CAA NAA Document Packet Disclosure
  • CO Class Action Waiver Addendum
  • CO Clubhouse Licensed Space Addendum
  • CO Community Policies
  • CO Compliance Demand
  • CO Construction Addendum
  • CO Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Disclosure
  • CO Crime-Drug Free Housing Addendum
  • CO Demand for Rent or Possession (Tshetter Sulzer PC)
  • CO Denver Tenant Rights and Resources with Acknowledgment
  • CO Enclosed Garage Addendum
  • CO Federally Required Lead Renovation Information
  • CO Fort Collins Occupancy Limits Disclosure
  • CO Gas & Electric Utility
  • CO Guarantor Pre-Leasing Application
  • CO Intrusion Alarm Addendum
  • CO Inventory & Condition Form
  • CO Lead Based Paint Disclosures Rentals
  • CO Lease Contract Buy-Out Agreement
  • CO Lease Contract Guaranty
  • CO Liability Insurance Addendum
  • CO Medical Marijuana Addendum
  • CO Mixed Use Addendum
  • CO Mold Addendum
  • CO No Smoking Addendum
  • CO Notice of Intent to Move Out
  • CO Notice of Temporary Waiver of Late Fees
  • CO Notice Regarding Exclusive Use
  • CO Notice to Quit Substantial Violation
  • CO Package Acceptance
  • CO Parking Addendum
  • CO Payment Plan Agreement
  • CO Pest Control Addendum
  • CO Photo Release Addendum
  • CO Remote, Card & Code Acces Gate Addendum
  • CO Rent Concession Addendum
  • CO Rental Application
  • CO Roommate Amendment
  • CO Satellite Dish Addendum
  • CO Short-Term Lease Addendum
  • CO Short-Term Subletting (AirBnb)
  • CO Single Family Lease
  • CO Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • CO Student Housing Lease
  • CO Student Lease Contract Guaranty Agreement
  • CO Student Lease Guaranty Application and Agreement
  • CO Supplemental App for Affordable Housing Units
  • CO Support or Service Animal Addendum
  • CO Surety Bond Addendum
  • CO Sustainable Living Addendum
  • CO Utility Addendum
  • CO Verification of Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • CO Washer Dryer Addendum
  • CO 10 Day Demand for Rent or Possession
  • CO 30 Day Demand for Rent or Possession
  • CO Denver 10 Day Demand for Rent or Possession
  • CO Denver 30 Day Demand for Rent or Possession
  • NAA 2021 Lead Hazard Addendum
  • VAWA Certification of Domestic Violence HUD5382
  • VAWA Emergency Transfer Request HUD5383
  • VAWA Lease Addendum - HUD91067
  • VAWA Notification of Occupancy Rights HUD5380